At JMI Wealth, your investments are our priority.

We take pride in what we do and care passionately about our commitment to provide you with:


We take a conservative long term approach to investing to help you grow your funds and never take unnecessary risks when delivering a return.
We strongly believe in diversification of capital and always keep the investment process simple and easy for clients to understand.

Because it’s your money, our philosophy is: be prudent, be careful,
and do what is right.


Every client has a dedicated, active advisor who is a senior member of the business. When providing you with advice, we take the time to understand you and your needs. We ensure all our clients receive the highest level of service and discretion.


JMI Wealth has grown through client referrals because our clients trust us and feel comfortable referring friends, family and associates. With a strong governance and compliance culture, we have an impeccable reputation and ensure we always do what is best for you. We place a strong emphasis on honesty, integrity and socially responsible investment.


All our directors and advisors have had extensive experience in investing or advising on investments.