Our offering is based on three key factors:


We believe that you want to work with someone who knows who you are and understands what you want. We ensure every client who receives personalised advice will have a senior member of JMI Wealth as their dedicated advisor. Your advisor will ensure absolute transparency in any portfolio discussions, report to you in simple language and offer ready phone and email access at all times.

Investment Professionals.

We offer a highly experienced team of investment professionals who as fund managers have extensive knowledge in the business of managing client money. This experience allows us to offer you a unique range of services, including portfolio advice, consulting on asset allocation, security and manager selection, and market information and commentary.

Customised Portfolios.

We provide an investment portfolio that is tailored to your needs. Your portfolio is developed with your best interests in mind and could include managed funds and/or direct investments. With a history of delivering solid investment returns across our portfolios, JMI Wealth has a solution to suit you.